UK Aid Mastermind

UK Aid Engineer supports belittled and metier sized polite lodge organisations, based in the UK and abroad, to attain sustained impoverishment diminution and pitch the UK’s evolution priorities.

The up-to-the-minute UK Aid Mastermind support turn was launched on 14 November 2016, with a deadline for reception of conception notes of 31 January 2017.

Delight sojourn the UK Aid Organize site for farther info.

UK Aid Organise is DFID’s cardinal financing mechanics for award grants to diminished and spiritualist sized UK and external polite lodge organisations functional to tighten poorness abroad. Erst known as the Ball-shaped Poorness Fulfill Stock (GPAF), the stock was relaunched in 2014 as UK Aid Aim. Since 2010, more 200 grants sustain been awarded crossways 36 countries.

From 4 January 2016 the Store Director for UK Aid Orchestrate has been MannionDaniels, running in pool with Oxford Insurance Direction (OPM), Pedagogy Evolution Cartel, H2o, Technology and Developing Center (WEDC) and software development outsourcing firms Majestic Tropic Establish (KIT).

The countries that are eligible for organisations to enforce their UK Aid Direct-funded projects in are:

  • the last-place 50 countries in the UN Homo Maturation Indicator (HDI)
  • the countries the UK Section for External Growth (DFID) considers to be of high-pitched or chair breakability

For advance entropy astir UK Aid Calculate, delight tangency the Store Direction squad at:

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