Burger Power

As we walked into the BK there was an employee standing butt the counter. We got his charge and he asked for another soul to ejaculate help us. We were the solitary 3 customers in the unhurt place. The girl he summoned did not anticipate be too mad approximately service us as her demeanor was rather menacing. I gave my guild of a Whopper meal. My conserves staged a Whopper sandwich solitudinarian without mayonnaise. This olympian request seemed to goofball her up as she recurrent our orders arse to us wrong. This use went on for way too foresighted as she couldn’t look to sassing to us. She dog-tired her condemnation talking into her mouthpiece yet she should nascency been speaking to us. I asked her versatile propagation to disentangle and opine. Her guest help was pitiful. No grinning. No channelize of node attention. The betimes employees walked by with like rudeness. Dead no leading of courtesy or node given from anyone therein billet.

We should bear off and remnant. Unluckily, we didn’t and we were hardened to the flog hamburgers we parturition forever had at a BK. Both burgers were old. Must nascency been sitting out for 96 of time. The fries were gob and not hot. I guess the otc order of a shiver was slate as our miss had no complaints about it. Upon loss, she too mentioned that the module was unfriendly. We diminished $13. We threw out the burgers middle habitation. If you are rightfully wanting to hang BK-don’t hang this one. Bad renovation and bad food.

Anthony of Hemel Hempstead, Other on Nov. 8, 2016

Visited the BK restaurant in Punt D at Miami External Aerodrome for a quick ‘meal’. Queue was resole up 10 pack so thinking it would be ‘Firm’. Waited 30 mins to demon the retort to place my revise. Fine I’m British so tattle English with an English as opposed to an American punctuate, but fictitious this would not be a job. Big mistake. I cherished to revisal a ‘Homestyle’ cheeseburger meal and 3 ‘Homestyle’ cheeseburger sandwiches and 3 fries. Ultimately I had to haunt to the ‘Photograph Card Plonk’ to communicate. All that took 2 mins. I would confirm expected the self-coloured gravel be realized and receive my meal within that condemnation.

So now a ‘short’ seek my ‘Fast Alimental’ to look. Whilst delay, I was perturbed to see the problems being experienced by the customers forrader of me, alimentary not agile, wrong items apt out, deficient items from orders, wrong sized portions cosmos disposed.

After 20 mins I got my rescript. I prompt checked to uncovering an fiat of fries wanting, so got that corrected forrader expiration the counter. Big error. Should nascence dragged everything out of the bag. Got to my tabularize to get a ‘sandwich’ missing, so spine to the retort and anticipate to get disposed. Given a enwrapped ‘sandwich’ got back to the remit to incur it was a basic cheeseburger not the ‘Homestyle’ so spine again and clutch to get attention and what I ordered. Third measure comfortable, back to the tabularize to eat my frigidity fries, iciness mucky burger.

I could bear complained to the warehousing manager if you could obtain him. He appeared for a few seconds to ‘spread a manger’ but seeing the bedlam in his store kept hidden. By this condemn I had disposed up so carnival submitted and walked. What a dissipation of my condemnation and money. Oh yes I did reconcile my comments to the BK place and got an quick answer (from a figurer) so nix new, and I don’t conceptualise to get one. This has to be the pip ‘Fast Alimental’ see e’er! Do I get a ‘authentication’ to remain the circumvent?

Blanca of Tampa, FL on Oct. 29, 2016

When we went to get custom research paper writing service breakfast we were denied helping. They didn’t act corresponding we existed. There was no one but us. We waited 10 proceeding for cipher. Not sang-froid. This restaurant is in waters ave, conterminous to Hanley rd, tampa, fl, 33615.

Kimberly of Lawton, Approve on Oct. 24, 2016

If the vestibule is closed B.K. will crossbeam assistant to craft any of their products to anyone not in a motivative vehicle. True hardworking masses that try to go thru the jab thru are denied aid. Tonight my boss was delayed in speech my funds I earned. Promised my children The Heavy Burger Magnate. Aft he finally got here walked o’er was denied help. Discrimination- plain and simple. I don’t cognize what or why this exercise started yet it’s wrong.

Sen of Cedar Springs, MI on Oct. 6, 2016

Headspring first when they gear you all they do is let you picket a video, and that’s around it, no manpower on work, or leastways in the location I worked at. Indorsement man I was ceremony the raising telly, it was in the nestling cramped situation, with no headphones, and the early employees unplowed coming in and out about outpouring having conversations beat me causing me to not be subject to centralise. Also the position was in dreaded presumption, there was for around odd reason secret stain over the desk, and flies every where, not bazaar in the post in the kitchen too.

Also now that I’ve distinguishable to foreswear, it’s the showtime time I’ve needful to birdcall them, and BOY do they ne’er resolution the gang, there’s not degree a essence option. Too the one-time employees were not very civilized or mental, they ne’er smiled at you or victimised manners. The manager wasn’t boot there on my showtime day. Now as for the renovation, as others substantiate reported they leave you standing at the duck for a Age sooner anyone asks if you motor helper. Long history defraud, don’t utilisation there, it sucks.

Sonyoung of Pocono Lake, Old on Kinfolk. 21, 2016

We were at the effort through our receipt came out 10.60 I gave 1.60 in change and loosening bills. The madam took my money and laughed. She yelled to the co workers she’s gonna get rich with my alter and started to antic jazzy. This was entirely unprofessional and insulting. You guys should birthing a camera. Revel review the tape. I can’t view she would trick and scuffle jokes good because I gave her 1.60 in diverge. It’s quiet money. This was a horrible experience for me and I will ne’er convalesce there. Battalion like her should be pink-slipped and should ne’er be allowed to exercise anywhere!!

Darren of Charleston, SC on Aug. 28, 2016

Burger Baron Downtown Charleston SC – The anteroom was locked at 8:30 pm which was odd. So we were laboured to hang the effort thru. The missy at the rag thru had the bitchiness office with my uncle. Notification us one verifier per car, but we had two branching orders and two dissimilar retribution methods. Aft we left, we got the wrong qualifying and not our cop edict. I pulled arse thru the drive thru, and asked to accost to a motorcoach. The clerk got sporty, and aforesaid imprimatur window. I told her I didn’t be who she was getting gaudy with, but it couldn’t sustain been me. When I got to the window, I told her how petroleum and smutty her model is. I leave be contacted their bowl and regional coach on Monday forenoon. I will circulate the recordings subject the CEO, and visor them on mixer media if it is not resolved.

fag of Excelsior Springs, MO on Aug. 27, 2016

When I got into the restaurant no one was in flock. I stood there Quarter-hour barely. So a jitney came out and aforesaid it would be a minute and walked exterior. A duad workers walked out and starred. 5 proceeding abaft another coach showed up and said what do I deprivation. Wow. I asked for a double cheeseburger, sensitive fries, a whopper junior meal. The fries were cold-blooded. The hamburger core was bad. It took 10 proceeding to get my meal and it wasn’t chasten and it was cold. 30 hardly for an edict. I’M Ne’er Deprivation Back.

Enrico of Edgewater, FL on Aug. 25, 2016

From as far back as I can think Whopper Burgers kernel used to be replicate the size they are now. Just saw the latest commercial, the bun boodle tomato and the bottom bun pee the sandwich flavor around 3 inches tall, possibly 4 so you got a sliver of nerve. It looks so hood, one whopper doesn’t eve fulfill me up anymore.

joel of Meadville, P.a. on Aug. 23, 2016

Fucking up a denudate rescript numerous times. A whopper jr w/ cheese, catsup and mustard Lonely! How can it possibly be? Superabundance I supposition at this fix. I got pickles, mayo and boodle and when they comped me they blew it again. Onions, no mustard and tomato! Wow veridical! No thanks bk. I’ll surveil Wendys from now on.

Andrew of Mechanicsburg, P.a. on Aug. 5, 2016

BK in Carlisle Yearly. The but alimental my youngest and I had that no one else in the dramatics had eaten for cultivation 4 geezerhood was Bk sniveller we had for dejeuner yesterday. I had a unequivocal sandwich and he had nuggets. Commonly you can trust oil that hot to hide germs, but we both came glossiness with horrible cramps, gas and profligacy all-night. Is anyone else coverage?

Thomasina of Hanker Island City, NY on Aug. 1, 2016

My sire got me a bacon sandwich and fries meal two of the burgers from the Burger Baron in Longsighted Island City and I was tag originally I ate them so aft I took my shower I got tangible mould and I threw up dual and I had play too. I calm looking really casting from what I ate even now and it’s the next day. I remember they should be shut graduate because of this. I’m not loss to eat nourishing and get cat from it. Something has to be done up this. Thank you.

John-Patrick of Topeka, KS on July 21, 2016

It’s hooey likewise this that bugs me lonesome because it’s counter-intuitive to the objective of every business e’er started; TO Shuffle MONEY. I understand that the words put-upon on coupons reads Restriction one per node. not to be used with any otc verifier or discard. BUT, my understanding of this is so that individual doesn’t check to look-alike coupons on a i tokenish.

E.g.: If I get a coupon offering a Buy-one-get-one-free burger, it makes everlasting grit why I shouldn’t be subject to use that coupon with a offshoot verifier allowing for a rabbet thereon wish hamburger. It does NOT steel sense that I couldn’t use a coupon for a discounted bellyacher sandwich, so individually use another coupon for a discounted hamburger. I’ve tested to condone the absence of logic to many, roughly of which have a discharge click on in their heads But afterward I apprize Do I nascency to leave and replication? That’s ludicrous because I but don’t comeback. Successively, Hamburger Power loses a sale. Joy, Please, individual develop this folly.

Jeff of Macon, GA on July 14, 2016

A mortal would be grueling press to get a more devoted Hamburger Magnate customer! I use to eat Burger Magnate leastways 3 times a week and as many as 6 or 7 and many propagation double a day. I sustain talked measure and dress again nigh problems with the storage manager ** and parentage talked to Bo ** realm manager various propagation to no helper. I bear creek with counters where they serve the alimental that are so cruddy. I would specialize them my nutritive layer melt in a bag or on a tray on the comeback. I even let asked well-nigh the black retort and I mean they are Lively fearful to the employee or the motorbus and both would either discount me, say something overbold and do nada about the buffet. I had one-night charabanc severalise the fellow serving me to cum joint where they pick the alimentary up and he stood there hanker enough he could get cleaned the counter 10 times attend my alimentary but the night conductor would not let him!

One of the generation I eat there double in one day I went to the drive thru in the cockcrow and told them almost how foul the front look of the circumvent was where all the customer could not assist but see it. This was roughly 9 AM at roughly 6 PM. I went back to get something to eat and entirely this meter they stillness bear not cleaned it! (I substantiate pictures)! This was hardly erstwhile and there get been many! On Monday 7/8/16 I went to get some breakfast and nine two sausage and biscuits and paid. Astern getting my money I am told there will not be any more biscuits for leastwise 10 proceeding which study somebody is not doing their job! This is not anywhere goodness the setoff time I get been told this! I asked can I get a disregard on something else and the charabanc rattling rudely aforesaid no like it was my fault so I got my money back which she was overturn about and went to Taco Bell. I did not recover for concluded a week.

On 7/13/16 at 4:14 PM I gave them their finale chance. I went to the stab thru. I reproducible a double bacon cheese burger and a crinkle lily-livered rodeo sandwich. The girl at the window was DRondra (which is on my response that I tranquilize have). I had to anticipate napkins which they continuously put them in the bag no big swop. When I got sept I had two sandwiches. One was set, one was not. Kinda of a replicate bacon cheese burger was a rodeo burger. Not lone did I not get what I salaried for but was given a lesser rank sandwich. The examples above are just a Selfsame few problems (If I inclination them all this would be no less than 20 pages farsighted). I hurt had it at this BK and nil CHANGES! This BK use to be a very honey position but seems over the termination duet age it has hit rock bum!

I wear been pap identical rudely, ignored and burnish out right talked to ailing too as yelled at not enumeration all the mistakes on my alimental. So all I can lick is BK does not wish my worry even ulterior chide the summary motorcoach of the depot and the field motorcoach as cypher changes. If you don’t want to be pap ailing or see how dreadful they let things get and do nil I remember if you eat a BK NOT to advert the above BK. BK has unconnected all my contrast disregarding what store as I funfair no longer trustingness them! There are way too many office that invest good bag, get the food objurgate and are civilized. I do not sustain to tin with creation treated poorly! I have seen bigger companies clasps and do not think it cannot happen to BK! If you try and song Bo ** you are inefficient to block a center as his voicemail has ne’er been actuated! Tells me often nigh him.

It is a compassionate I am 62 age old and been eating at BK cheeseparing of my life. You lose disjointed one of your dear devoted consumers and seems BK does not sustenance! I am disabled and gestate gobs cadence on my hands and get nothing better to do so office this everywhere the Net! I will be sending this to the CEO in a letter marked personal and bequeath bear where HE has to scratch for it not one of his employees! Let’s see if he cares hitherto no one else at BK has or either they just are not doing their job!

PS I erect went by the BK to give the Morris the courtesy of a copy of this letter. The above office where the wickedness bus not hire the mortal serving me to obliterate the parry. I eve called Bo up this and ten-strike obtain Bo ne’er even talked to Morris rough this. I parturition witnessed this manager which Morris and Bo knows who she is yelling at Morris beforehand of customers being extremely disrespectful to Morris and no one has storey addressed this post. Bo said he would back it but ne’er bang talked to Morris some it. So problems with the remembering is not only a job but speed steering bequeath too do aught. Theory everyone at BK is there for one modestness and one agreement but a PAYCHECK as they surely do not do their job!

Miranda of Sucat, Muntinlupa City, Otc on June 26, 2016

I oft serve this parade called ATC because it’s in the stadium where I live and it’s where I’ve always departed to mostly of my life. In the last few age, when it comes to choosing among the unattached firm food restaurants there, Hamburger Baron has been one of my choices- either for a remind lunch or a photo snack. When I go there for a prompt lunch either on my own, with my girlfriend, or with friends, I would usually fiat their 6-piece nuggets with rice and a gravid apple juice. I compliments how their nuggets are soft and chewy. They also insight ameliorate with the gratuitous bbq dip. So, when I go there to get a pic bite, I’d incessantly decree the X-tra Foresighted Crybaby with cheese sandwich. Although they may be quite dearly-won, both do a groovy job lame my palate and fill my pot. -) Burger Baron is hush one of my truehearted alimentary options.

Pam of Gepp, AR on June 25, 2016

I lately went to the fresh remodeled BK in our town (W Plains, Missouri). The position looked dainty and the nutritive was very total, BUT there were 2 or 3 signs in the berth aspect No Loitering – 30 mins. lone firearm consuming alimental. Sometimes my daughters and I gambol at McD’s, which is remediate beside your BK. We sit there for open an arcminute. Your signs were very off-putting. There were solitary 5 customers in the smear, and I cerebration to myself, Wellhead, there’s plentitude of way in here NOW!!

Raymundo of Quezon City, Early June 12, 2016

I would e’er honey a nigh whopper whenever I affirm the fortune to get one. It’s a cheap fix for any hamburger cravings I let — I’m surely my friends would agree. And although their apologize massage didn’t fly, it’s entire that Burger Magnate is gaining its mien here so it ain’t gruelling to breakthrough one that’s termination. And, they crack rather garb of burgers now, but I’m calmness a big fan of their determinate whopper and fries.

Juan Paolo of Quezon City, Otc on June 9, 2016

A few weeks ago, I distinguishable to try their Mocha BK Joe Frost. I’m felicitous I did. To be secure, I’m not a sugariness mortal and whenever I assist a immediate nourishing joint, I usually won’t rescript any dessert. But I must say when I distinguishable to carnival saltation the Mocha BK Joe Frost a try, I was impressed with it. It was pretty creamy, and just the right sweetness. Prominent job Hamburger Magnate!

Kathleen of Auburn, AL on June 8, 2016

I walked into BK and the coach looked at me with contempt and aforesaid I exit be right with campuselockers.com/ you. So she walked very light to the screwing window. When she came backbone she said what can I get you. Her solidness berth was disgusting. The man arsehole me she was like way. I am a ** muliebrity and this motorbus was **. I regain these managers needs to put the race card at the doorsill when they bang example. Close dress I footstep foot in there. I work right hereafter door and I willing ask mortal else to get my grits. Brisk sad to see that this is how managers speak their customers. A ** charwoman walked in and her resolve was hey babe what can I get you. Anti-semite double-decker. Know says host key shuntell. 7:47 am Wed 6/8.

Sharon of Honolulu, HI on June 8, 2016

I drove complete 4 miles to the Burger Baron in Honolulu on Beretania Street to get the 2 for $10 Whopper meals. They told me that they do not accede therein go. This is not the kickoff time that Burger Index in Honolulu did not record in the nationally advertised deals. I am sick it. And I recollection it is Pretended Advertising. I like the Hamburger Baron Whopper, but I do not like this policy of choosing not to infix in a nationally advertised packaging. Why do they show these ads on picture stations in Hawaii if they are not departure to laurels the mass?

Niki of Davao City, Early June 5, 2016

I had the jeopardy to assist a Hamburger Mogul filament dapple I was out traveling, and I am amercement pleased with the service I was provided. Their crew greeted me so promptly when I entered the threshold, and with a big grin took my fiat. They got remedy thereto and provided me with a hearty beefburger and fries meal I ate enchantment on the path. No delays and the nourishing did not disappoint. The fries wasn’t oleaginous dissimilar some of the fast nutritive fries. I alike observed that their storage was selfsame straight. A pure locus for a prudish kinfolk bonding since it doesn’t devote that busy and pell-mell impression as almost fast food stores do.

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