Under Floor Heating

Hi there this is a blog started to give people some information regarding surface under floor heating.
Under floor heating is easily installed on new or existing floors provided new floor coverings are to be laid over the top.
This means you can heat tiles, wooden floors, carpet. The effectiveness of the heating will depend on the following things.

The wattage installed in the area. I would recommend 150 watts per square meter.

The volume of air in the room. Rooms with high ceilings typically require a higher wattage to be installed.
The insulation factor in the room. An insulated room is going to contain your radiant floor heating much better than an uninsulated room.

The thickness of the coverings that are being installed over the heating. For example a 10mm tile will require less heating than say 20mm of natural stone, marble or the like. In this case i would increase your heating wattage to 180 watts per metre square.

For carpet or wood the same principle applies. When laying carpet over under floor heating the most efficient carpet for this application is a direct stick carpet that doesn’t have an underlay. Again the thicker the underlay the more resistance there is to the heat coming thru.

The floor substrate you are heating on. Generally there three types of floor substrate.
Concrete – this generally is the slab usually 100mm thick. As you can imagine this can take some heating.
A wooden floor with tile under lay over the top. This typically requires less heating than a concrete floor and will come up to tempreture more quickly than concrete.

Insulation underlay can be laid over the wood or concrete floor to ensure a fast heating time. This by far will give you the fastest heating time.
Our website outlines the difference between laying your heating on a concrete floor and laying on insulation underlay.

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